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Russian Language and Culture Concentration

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Students must fulfill all requirements for bachelor's degrees, including Mason Core requirements. Students pursuing a BA in Russian and Eurasian studies must complete additional college requirements for the BA degree in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students pursuing this degree must complete 33 credits in one of the concentrations below with a minimum GPA of 2.00.

◊ Concentration in Russian Language and Culture (RULC)

Students in the Russian language and culture concentration develop a high degree of competence in Russian language and culture and a basic familiarity with Russian and Eurasian history and politics.

Three required courses (9 credits) in advanced Russian

RUSS 380 - Advanced Russian I Credits: 3

RUSS 381 - Advanced Russian II Credits: 3

RUSS 480 - Fourth-Year Russian Credits: 3

Two courses (6 credits) in Russian culture or history

RUSS 353 - Russian Civilization Credits: 3 or HIST 328 - Rise of Russia Credits: 3

RUSS 354 - Contemporary Post-Soviet Life Credits: 3 or HIST 329 - Modern Russia and the Soviet Union Credits: 3

Two courses (6 credits) in Russian literature or cinema in translation, chosen from:

RUSS 325 - Major Russian Writers Credits: 3

RUSS 326 - A Survey of Russian Literature Credits: 3

RUSS 327 - A Survey of Russian Literature Credits: 3

RUSS 470 - Topics in (Post) Soviet Film Credits: 3

Three courses (9 credits) taught in Russian, chosen from:

RUSS 302 - Russian Conversation and Composition Credits: 3

RUSS 303 - Russian Advanced Conversation Credits: 3

RUSS 310 - Readings in Russian Literature Credits: 3

RUSS 311 - Contemporary Russian Short Fiction Credits: 3

RUSS 401 - Readings in the Social Sciences Credits: 3

RUSS 410 - Russian Poetry Credits: 3

RUSS 481 - Fourth-Year Russian Credits: 3

One course (3 credits) in the social sciences chosen from:

Students choose from courses dealing with Russia. Any other topically appropriate course in a social science discipline (ANTH, ECON, GGS, GOVT, SOCI) may be used to fulfill this requirement with the prior written approval of the director.

GOVT 338 - Government and Politics of Russia Credits: 3

ECON 380 - Economies in Transition Credits: 3

GGS 330 - Geography of the Soviet Succession States Credits: 3

Total: 33 credits

Writing-Intensive Requirement

The university requires all students to complete at least one course designated "writing intensive" in their majors at the 300 level or above. Students majoring in Russian and Eurasian studies may fulfill this requirement by successfully completing RUSS 302 , RUSS 325, or RUSS 407.


Any remaining credits may be completed with elective courses to bring the degree total to 120.

Degree Total: Minimum 120 credits

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