Mason Students to Study in Russia

by James Levine

Mason Students to Study in Russia

Several Mason students of Russian will soon be studying advanced Russian language, literature, and culture at various universities in Russia.

John De Trana, a former student of Russian and French at GMU, and a 2009 recipient of the ACTR Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award, has been awarded a David Boren Scholarship to spend academic year 2010-2011 at the Kora Center for Russian Language in Vladimir, Russia. Founded in 1991 by faculty from Vladimir State University, Kora specializes in training foreign students in the Russian language.

Katherine Griffith, Katrina Leggat, and Evan Novalis, all current majors in Russian and Eurasian Studies, will participate in programs sponsored by the American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS. Katherine will spend summer 2010, and Katrina academic year 2010-2011, studying advanced Russian at Moscow International University, while Evan will study this summer at the Russian State Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg. Mason students of Russian Nadia Quiroga, Stephen Boman, and Andrew Schaus , will also study this summer in St. Petersburg. Nadia and Stephen will attend St. Petersburg State University in a program sponsored by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), while Andrew will participate in the Bard-Smolny Program at Smolny Institute.

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