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Followup on the 9th Annual Polyglot Performances


For 2016, The 9th annual Polyglot Performances took place on Tuesday, April 12 in the Johnson Center Cinema. The event was sponsored by the University Life Programming Committee and the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Seven languages were represented. The schedule and YouTube links to the various performances are below.

  • Opening Remarks: Dr. Julie Christensen, Chair of Mason's Department of Modern and Classical Languages.
  • Russian. Multimedia presentation "Beautiful Russia" and  a popular Russian song "Kalinka Malinka". Performers: Deena Afifi, Ari Benjamin, Thomas Blanford, Riely Bolitho, Melinda Butler, Julian Dorsey, Austen Demsko, Dominick Garafalo, Raymond Griggs, Beth Ann Hall, Marcus Heishman, Kyle Itkin, Sean Jones, Michael Kirsch, Mathew Moore, Andrew Morrison, Emily Olson, Clayton Richey, Alexander Shotwell, Michelle Siembida, Kira Stalker, Jacob Storey, Quynh Ton Nu and Brandon Venteicher. Faculty Director: Elena Guglielmi.
  • Chinese Tang Dynasty Dance "Ten Steps, One Sword", performed by Alex Lysenko; Poems and Spectacular Chinese Ethnic Fashion Show and Dance. Performers: Daniel  Blankenship, Ta'shara Bully, Emily Crowley, Faith Hatter, Hannah Hinton, Kathryn Piccione, Alex Lysenko, Christy McKay, Emily Olson, Grant Pitarys, Darian Randle, Derek Seebeck, Joseph Tam and Deja Watkins. Faculty Directors: Xi Chen  and Peiling Zhang.
  • Japanese play: "The Oni’s Bride". Performers: The oni (Chase Highlander); the farmer (Nicholas Trinh); the farmer’s wife (Margaret Carson); the farmer’s daughter, Haruka (Lauren Costa); the farmer’s daughter, Avako (Gina Salinas); the farmer's daughter, Shizuko (Andrea Mendoza); narrator (Katrina Sipin); raindrops (Darcy Capps and Adel Platt); and essemble (Rebecca Beuschel, Hann Bumgarner and Julia Trueber). Student Director: Annaleigh Marshal. Assistant Student Director: Mary Buckner. Faculty Director: Manako Fujiwara.
  • Spanish song and dance: “Caramelo eh chocolate”. Performers: Lance Carlisle, Alexandra Carnes, Theodore Chaconas, Sonia Crawford, Jade Forde (student director and video producer), Rico Gomez (solo dancer), Nathan Howell, Ashley Jean, Jessica Kocak, Stefon Lee, Timothy Lequang, Dalia Mohammed, Ha Nguyen, Peter Ott, Morgan Stemple (solo dancer), Virginia Wilbrandt, Taylor Williams and Rachel Woods. Faculty Director: Sonia Balasch.
  • Korean. The best film at the 11th Korean Learning Students' Short Film Festival: "Slow Walkers" (2’ 53’’). Creators of the film: Jinhyuk Choi, Hannah A. Cole, Shin Grace, Zoe S. Smith. Faculty Director: Young A. Jung.
  • Arabic.  Art Installation: “A Sense of Humanity” (شعور الإنسانية). Creator: Haelah Shammasi. Choreographed interpretative dance: "The Arab Spring: A Hijacked Revolution" Performers: Donna Faye Imadi, Desiree Orr and Spenser Rush. Faculty Director: Nathaniel Greenberg.
  • Spanish poetry: Introduction. Poem by Federico García Lorca: La casada infielPerformers: Yanina Bain, Michael J. Evanoff, Johanna G. Figueroa, Brandon B. Juarez-Lopez, Jackelyn Mendez and Frida J. Valero. Poem by Federico García Lorca: “Los encuentros de un caracol aventurero” Performers: Daniel P. Callahan, Meagan L. Carter, Jessica D. Cornejo, Enedina Flores-Correa, Emily L. Pascale, Saira E. Sanchinelli De Vill and Wade Swede. Faculty Director: Rei Berroa.
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