The 2016 MCL Student Awards Ceremony

The 2016 MCL Student Awards Ceremony
Introduction by Dr. Julie Christensen

The ceremony took place on May 11, 2016 at 1:30 PM in Research Hall. The room was full of happy students, family and professors.

Awards 2016    Awards2 2016

Here is the list of awardees by language:

Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Arabic
· Robert Doughy · Christina Grau · Gina Repole · Soha Salihi
Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Arabic
· Alexis Bracey · Demetria Charlifue · Dorothy Young
Outstanding Achievement in High Intermediate Arabic
· Jacqueline Gura · Grace Wakim
Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Arabic
· Daniela Bustos Alfaro · Samantha Vaughn
Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Arabic Media Studies
· Asha Athman
Academic Career Excellence in Arabic
· Alexandra Marsh

Arabic   Arabic2

Excellence in Elementary Chinese
· Bryan Maas · Kathryn Piccioni · Mikaela Stephens · Maxwell J. Torrington
Excellence in Intermediate Chinese
· Alexandra Lysenko · Lien Thieu · Stephanie Young
Excellence in Advanced Chinese
· Ansh R. Ahuja · Ta'Shara Bully · Nicolai Lipnicky · Feng Mei-ling · Caryn Newton · Emily  Olson · Derek Seebeck
Excellence in the Chinese Minor
· Su Kyung Chi · Christopher Evans · Clare Kim · Jordan Koca
Excellence in Chinese Major Studies
· Anthony Arnold · Guidos Bradley · Erik Gero  · Rebecca Haldi · Label Sak

Chinese   Chinese2

Excellence in the French Minor
· Nathan Falk · Unochukwu Izegbu · Sahana Narayanan · Jacqueline Smith
Excellence in French in the Major Program
· Samantha Vaughn

French   French2

Excellence in Intermediate German
· Asher Ackman
Excellence in the German Minor
· Dominic Edgley

German   German2

Excellence in the Italian Studies Minor
· Amani Greene · Louis Herman  · Jeremy Maestri · Erika Minock · Benjamin Palmer · Salvatore Pitino · Gia Primerano
Gamma Kappa Delta (National Italian Honor Society) Inductees
· Ryan Alexander · Peter Garbacz · Louis Herman · Benjamin Palmer · Matias Sur · Zachary Suter

Italian   Italian2

Outstanding Contribution to the Promotion of Japanese Language and Culture
· Mary Buckner · Annaleigh Marshall  
Japanese National Honors Society Inductees
· John Arnold · Alexander Goldstone

Japanese   Japanese2

Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Korean
· Jia Loh · Eric Wojcik   
Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Korean
· Margad-Erdene Emerald Ochirbat · Shamima Sprianca · Lishelle A. Wesley       
Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Korean
· James Williams

Korean   Korean2

Excellence in the Russian Minor
· Oksana Anderson
Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Russian
· Alyssa Clark · Ferris Samara · Erica Shuler
Excellence in Russian and Eurasian Studies
· Jennifer Nicole Bayley  · Morgan Ellison · Patrick Anthony Ryan
Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award
· Jennifer Nicole Bayley

Russian   Russian2

Excellence in the Spanish Minor
· Laura Baughan · Yanire Bayona Caro · Jordan Bazak · Samantha Brown · Inez Burrell · Kali Chenault · Jordan Conahan
· Ines Eugenio-Fernandez · Madeline Fitzgerald · Heather Gonyeau · Jonathan Key · Liliam Pacheco Rivera · Amanda Patarino
· Kameshia Pettaway · Berenice Ruiz · Claudia Sol · Sarah Solano · Ledy Villazon

Excellence in the Spanish Major
· Erika Amaya Romero · Magdalena Baugher · Evelyn Cardenas · Katherine Cisneros  · Enedina Flores-Correa
· Alam Lainez-Fuentes · Al Sykes

Academic Excellence in Spanish Graduate Studies
· Aida Marisol Arias Reyes · María Luisa Castillo · Karen Falcon


Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Turkish
· Kai Koki

And the scholarships awardees:

Cesarina Horing Award
The Italian Cultural Society of Washington, DC, awards $300 to a student of George Mason University who is selected by the university's Italian language program faculty. The award is made possible by donations in honor of the late Cesarina Horing, former director of the Society’s Italian Language Program.
· Jamie Criser · Matthew Odom

The William Weaver Prize in Italian Studies, which is a monetary prize in the amount of $1,000, recognizes the academic achievements of students who are minoring in Italian Studies.
· Ryan Alexander · Matias Sur



Chinese Government Scholarship
· Hanna Parsons


The Martha Paley Francescato Scholarship is a $400 award to an undergraduate student applying for a study abroad program and pursuing a degree in Spanish.


Last but not least, the Chair acknowledged the three Fulbright Teaching Assistants that we had the pleasure of working with this past year: Bing Zhao (Chinese), Milyausha Minnekaeva (Russian) and Abbas Khorsheed (Arabic) - pictured below with Dr. Christensen.


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