Russian and Eurasian Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tenure-line Faculty

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  • Steven Barnes

    Steven Barnes

    Associate Professor

    History of modern Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Soviet Union, history of Gulag, history of concentration camps, history of totalitarianism

  • Johanna Bockman

    Johanna Bockman

    Associate Professor

    Globalization, neoliberalism, economic sociology, Eastern Europe, socialism and postsocialism, gentrification, Washington, DC

  • Peter J Boettke

    Peter J Boettke

    University Professor

    Austrian economics, institutional economics, and comparative economics


  • Julie A Christensen

    Julie A Christensen

    Associate Professor

    Russian language, literature and film; Soviet and post-Soviet film including the Caucasus, Central Asia, Mongolia, and Eastern Europe


  • Mark N Katz

    Mark N Katz


    Russian foreign policy; transnational revolutionary movements

  • T. Mills Kelly

    T. Mills Kelly


    Historical pedagogy, digital humanities, public digital history, modern East Central Europe, Appalachian Studies

  • Karina Korostelina

    Karina Korostelina

    Associate Professor


  • James S. Levine

    James S. Levine


    Associate Professor

    Russian language and linguistics


  • Eric McGlinchey

    Eric McGlinchey

    Associate Professor

    Comparative politics, Central Asian regime change, political Islam, effects of information communication technology on state and society